The process begins with:

Strip area of grass

Layout your custom design

Dig the hole

Install Wire mesh paper backing and 12" on center steel cage with 3/8" rebar

Gunite concrete shell shot for pool floor & walls

Strip forms and do pre-grade

Install tile

Run plumbing for pool/spa

Preperation for Deck (Brick Pavers, Concrete with acrylic, Travertine)

Equipment Installed

Screen enclosure/ fencing installed

Prep pool for interior and get our inspection to meet safety requirments

Pebble Interior applied

Pool Filled from house/well water 

Start up, apply chemicals and receive up to 4 weeks of pool service to make sure you are off to the right start

Enjoy Your New Buzz Davis Pool

How We Do It


From start to finish we strive to make your Pool Construction Project fast and efficient.